Our Products

Whatever Pops and Bowls are gourmet, handcrafted, and all natural! We use only the best quality ingredients, and use organic and local whenever possible.

What’s a Whatever Pop?

Whatever Pops & Bowls creates handcrafted ice pops using real fruits, the occasional veggie, really excellent chocolate and other wholesome and sometimes surprising ingredients (wasabi, anyone?). Our flavors rotate daily. Some of our favorites include Earl Grey Lavender Lemonade, Chocolate Sea Salt, and Strawberry Mango! All of our recipes are tested and tested again. (It’s a hard job).

Our Popular Flavors Include:

banana coconut
chocolate sea salt
coconut lime
earl grey lavender lemonade

orange cream
pineapple banana veggie (no sugar added)
pineapple cilantro
salty chocolate elvis

strawberry lime
strawberry mango
strawberry pineapple pomegranate



House-made Gelato…Oh yeah. It’s like ice cream but more flavorful and lower in fat. You can have it in a waffle cone if you want.

Açaí Bowls… A thick blend of anti-oxidant rich frozen Açaí berries mixed other fruits, topped with crunchy, gluten free granola and unsweetened coconut, local honey, and freshly-cut fruit. Extra toppings available including chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, Base Culture’s locally made almond butter or natural peanut butter. Eat with a spoon.

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